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Yatin Dandekar Photography, Sun Studio, Kumud Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047, India

About The Event

In this course, you will learn all important functions of camera and how to use it in Fully Advanced Exposure Mode, (F/Stops, Shutter/Speeds, ISO). You will learn to Craft / Make your Images, rather than just take them, by using Composition techniques and the very powerful Elements of Design. With hands-on experience you will feel in control of your camera.

You will learn to see rather than just look.

Other topics that will be covered throughout the course:

This is the most intensive and comprehensive program in the market. Specifically designed for anyone willing to pursue photography as a career or to develop a professional portfolio in the shortest possible time.

Starting from the Foundations of Photography, you will go through a variety of specialised courses and workshops in different photographic fields. It will consist of very practical, with hands-on experience, feedback and critical appraisal throughout the entire course.

Other topics that will be covered throughout the course:

• Lighting equipment & Light modifiers

• Cameras and light meters

• Backgrounds and props

• The principles, language and behaviour of light

• Basic Rules of Portraiture

• Rembrandt lighting

• One light portrait

• Key light

• Fill light

• Open loop vs. Closed loop

• Short lighting vs. Broad lighting

• Three lights portrait

• Creating Rapport with your Subject-Model

• Directing and posing your Subject-Model

• Four lights portrait

• Five lights portrait

• Natural Light

• Composition

• Backgrounds

• Managing Natural Light

• Managing Artificial Light

• Reflector and Retractors

• Combining Natural & Artificial Light

• On-camera Flash and Speed lights

• Location shooting

MINIMUM REQUIREMENT: Digital SLR camera with 28 -105 mm lens and a Loptop (Preferred - Apple)

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